Chartered in 1807, Columbia Presbyterian Church (USA) stands in the heart of Columbia Pennsylvania.  Over the years, Columbia Presbyterian suffered a loss of membership and vitality as the borough of Columbia faced the same challenges of other American towns who had once been thriving industrial communities.  The congregation had aged to the point where many members became inactive. Some became disillusioned and left. Some yearned for a return to the booming days of the 1950s. A remnant, however, still believed that God had a plan and a mission for Columbia Presbyterian.

In 2001 and 2002, discussions occurred within the Presbytery of Donegal about a revitalization effort at Columbia Presbyterian. In 2003, a plan was approved that would make the Synod of the Trinity, the Presbytery of Donegal, and the congregation of Columbia partners in this initiative. In 2004, the Rev. David Powers was called as a Designated Pastor, and the journey began for the restoration of this historic congregation as a beacon of community ministry.


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Come Worship With Us!

Sunday Schedule:

Adult Sunday School                           8:45 am

Children's Sunday School                   9:00 am

Worship                                                 10:00 am

Communion (Sacrament of the Lord's Supper) First Sunday of every month.

Sunday Evening Bible Study (3rd Sundays at 6pm)

4th Street Cafe Coffeehouse-Sunday Night Live 5:00 pm (1st and Last Sunday of each month)